Office Cleaning Services

office cleaning services

Keeping Karachi’s Employees Healthy and Happy!

An average person spent nearly 9 hours per day (often up to 10 to 12 hours) working in offices and industries; which makes up a major portion of their total lives. Karachi hosts millions of offices and industries (being the largest economic hub of the country) and unfortunately apart from few big businesses, most of the other SMEs don’t focus on office cleaning and its importance for their employees.

Elite Services is committed to bringing the international standard office cleaning services that are affordable to all SMEs in Karachi. Remember, there’s a difference between having a local boy dusting offices and professional office cleaning services and when it comes to health and happiness of your employees, you need a shiny and bright office space to boost employees’ morale. That’s one reason why you see multinational offices keeping a strict check on their office cleaning standards.

We help you make the right First Impression to Clients!

The office appearance has a huge influence on clients’ trust. International businesses along with their technical expertise, rely on their shiny and professional clean offices to make the first impact on clients’, which help them close more deals than local businesses.

Elite Services being a leading official cleaning company in Karachi is committed to bringing the clean revolution to all businesses in Karachi. Our affordable office cleaning services are in the budgetary range of most SMEs in the city; while our flexible and discreet modus operandi means you won’t need to make time for our cleaning operations.

A Systematic Approach to Office Cleaning Services

For the first time in Karachi, we bring the international standard in office cleaning services. Our streamlined systematic approach, cutting-edge resources, and superior techniques enable us to deliver you the best cleaning services that are meant to offer your employees’ a pleasant and professional working environment.

The Significance of Professional Office Cleaning

Did you know that;

  • You lose 9 working days per employees due to their sickness, most of which is contributed due to the unhygienic office environment
  • On average, the office keyboard can host as much as 7000 bacteria; a serious health risk for all employees
  • Unclean work desks or general use items in offices can be breeding ground of various viruses including flu
  • Over 50% of all absence from offices due to health issues are due to unclean office equipment
  • Office sharing equipment like phones, desks, and computers are the biggest health-concerns and can host as much as 25,000 germs and bacteria per square inch

Why Elite Services

  • Vetted professionals
  • Friendly 24/7 customer service
  • Affordable pricing
  • No time windows, book your appointment as and when you want

Choose Elite Services – Contribute your bit towards a healthy and content workforce

It’s time you take action for the betterment of your business as well as for the betterment of your employees. Choose our professional office cleaning services for a clean, shiny and hygienic office environment.

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