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general home cleaning services in karachi

Putting your Dream Home in Place!

For most Karachiites, keeping their homes clean is a continuous struggle. If you are one of those homeowners looking for reliable and professional home cleaning services, look no more because we bring you the most reliable and affordable home cleaning services in Karachi.

Don’t fall for the Maid Trap – It’s Dangerous!

For most families in Karachi, going for a local maid is the ultimate home cleaning solution to help with house chores. However, finding a reliable and trusted maid in itself is a long struggle. We have heard cases of armed robbery and theft where local maids are charged with the offenses.

At Elite Services, we offer a simple, fast, professional and reliable home cleaning service model that’s purely made to help homeowners have a peace of mind and a sparkling home. We have fully vetted and trusted home cleaners who understands the etiquettes of keeping the sanctity of your home, so you continue your daily routine without having to worry about privacy and theft.

  • Fully vetted home cleaners
  • Periodic background check
  • Guaranteed privacy & reliability

Service Includes:

  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Windows Cleaning
  • Walls Cleaning (Dirt Marks Removal)
  • Furniture Cleaning
  • All Home Appliances Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Dusting & SpiderWebs Removal
  • Doors Cleaning
  • Stair Cleaning

Professional Home Cleaning Services – You won’t have to follow us for the cleaning!

At Elite Services, we don’t take ages to show our efficiency, rather our professionally trained and well-equipped home cleaning staff ensure fastest and hassle-free home cleaning services that will seem like a breeze compared to traditional maid model.

Our well-resourced staff are professionally trained to check and ensure highest standard home cleaning services from every nook and corner of your home, so you don’t have to worry about following us all the time to ensure proper cleaning. Our staff will perform proper dirt sweeping, mopping, sanitizing and vacuuming the home; giving you an unmatched spotless clean home that you have never experienced before.

Convenience and Reliability

While you deal with Elite Services, you can be sure of the highest standards of services with maximum convenience. We treat your home as our own and make sure we leave it shiny and clean like never before. Our easy home cleaning services packages are made keeping in view different needs of homeowners which can be booked for monthly/bi-monthly/weekly or daily basis.

We remain committed to bringing you the most convenient and fully reliable home cleaning services because a clean home is a healthy home for you and your family.

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