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Fast. Convenient. Affordable

Curtains have an important place in our homes. They are more than a necessity, they are used as décor items; carefully chosen to match and supplement the interior design of homes. Elite services bring fast, reliable and affordable curtain cleaning services to keep the looks of your home special; Always!

Dirty Curtains will mess up your home décor!

Curtains are used for multiple reasons in homes; to add to the beauty of homes, to keep the cold out and to nurture a blissful bedroom environment for a good night sleep. However, over time the curtains become host to dust and dirt particles; literally filled with allergens and bacteria; which isn’t just ugly aesthetically but a health concern for your family.

Elite Service’s professional curtain cleaning services bring the difference right at your doorstep. For the first time in Pakistan, we bring curtain cleaning at home in Karachi. So, now you don’t have to compromise on your home décor; just give us a call or book an appointment online and our cleaner will be there faster than you expect.

Convenience Your Need to Experience!

For the first time in Pakistan, we offer homeowners a unique home cleaning service for curtains using the latest tools and technology. What makes us unique is our conduct towards curtain cleaning services; once you book your appointment expect these simple and convenient steps:

  • Our expert technicians will be at your doorstep at designated day and time fully equipped with tools and cleaning agents
  • The technicians will take down curtains carefully with minimum disruption to your home routine
  • We will deep clean your curtains using safe and eco-friendly agents
  • Our technicians will re-hand the curtains; making sure you get minimum disturbance to your daily routine

Why Choose Us:

– Convenience

What’s better than getting your curtains done without having to un-hang and re-hang them, that too right in your home? At Elite Services, our business model revolves around ensuring your convenience, while guaranteeing the highest cleaning standards with minimum fuss.

– Affordability

Expect highly competitive pricing for curtain cleaning services in Karachi. We offer a flat curtain cleaning at home pricing at the front, which means you don’t have to worry about last moment shocks from hidden charges.

– Eco-Friendly

Our living environment plays a vital role in keeping us healthy and going and while unfortunately, this isn’t the most pressing issue for most businesses in Pakistan, we are proud to take this important initiative.

Contact Elite Services today and get ready to experience service standards with a difference. You can book your appointment through phone, email or online contact form.

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