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floor cleaning in karachi

We help you keep your floor germs free!

While almost all homeowners rely on commercially available floor cleaners and agents, those aren’t 100% guaranteed to remove the germs and bacteria from home floors.

The hot and humid climate of Karachi makes it prone to bacterial and fungus breeding and that’s one reason why there’s an impending need for families to protect their homes with professional floor cleaning services in Karachi.

Elite Services –Protecting you and your Family:

While your floor surface might look neat from the naked eye, it may consist of pockets of germs and bacteria roaming around freely and posing serious health concerns, especially to children.

At Elite services, we bring in the world’s leading technology that delivers the highest standard services with 100% guaranteed removal of germs, bacteria, and stains.

Some of our benefits include:

  • Cutting-edge floor cleaning equipment
  • Children friendly solutions
  • Eco-friendly agents
  • Expert technicians
  • Flexible booking time
  • Affordable floor cleaning services

We do it better than Most!

Our internationally recognized and streamlined floor cleaning services for homes comes with a structured and well-defined process that ensures a hassle-free and smooth cleaning operations without disturbing you and your family routine.

Our stepwise model for floor cleaning include:

  • Assessment of floor type
  • Clearing of floor area for treatment. We recommend clearing of area beforehand, however, our generous technicians are all willing to help when needed
  • Preparation of surface by vacuuming the floor of dust and dirt
  • Solution testing on a small area to choose the best solution
  • Surface drying (might take up to 2 hours)
  • Applying Protection layer (where and when required)

Surfaces we restore

Tiles and mosaics are the most common surface material that is extensively used at homes in Karachi. Some other fancy materials might include wooden flooring, marble flooring, and others. At Elite Services, we offer completely reliable and affordable floor cleaning surfaces for all commonly used floor materials in the city including tile flooring, wooden flooring, marble flooring, and mosaic floorings.

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