Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should water tanks be cleaned?

While the ideal frequency for water tanks cleaning is twice a month, however, at utmost it shouldn’t be delayed any further than once a year. The reason why water tank cleaning in Karachi is more important is because of the quality of water supplied to home by water authorities, which often contain loads of sediments and bacteria. Over time, the sediments build up in water tanks and if not removed will start to affect the quality of water in the tank. Thereby, to protect your underground water tank from sediment build-up or algae growth make sure you get it cleaned professionally at least once a month (better twice a month).

What are the health hazards of pests to my family?

Pests can be a source of various health hazards to your family especially children. Health hazards from pests may include food-borne illnesses like salmonella or E.coli etc. Certain pests like cockroaches and rodents are especially harmful to overall family health. Apart from health hazards, pests like termites can become a nuisance for most family members, becoming mental torture for you and your family.

How threatening are termites?

Termites are pests which are almost invisible to the naked eye. While these parasites don’t post immediate health concerns like cockroaches or rodents, they are a big nuisance for the whole family. These small pests eat 24 hours a day and can totally destroy all wooden frames and structures in your home once they infest your home.

How much time is required for treatment to take full effect?

Results for pest control services vary for different pests, treatment technique as well as fumigation products used for treatment. There are certain treatment methods where you can expect immediate results like liquid pesticide treatment of the yellow jacket nest. However, for more common pests like cockroach or rodents, it may take up to three days for treatment to take full effect. Our expert fumigation experts will brief you about the procedure at the time of service.

Why I need multiple fumigation treatment for fleas, ticks and bed bugs?

These (fleas & ticks, bed bugs etc.) are some of the most mobile pests and can easily switch locations within homes or even across the building. Thereby, identifying the sources of infestations (which may be multiple) and ensuring complete elimination of these pests might require multiple visits.

Are your services safe for my family?

At Elite Services we use only imported and fully certified fumigation products which are the best available products in the industry. Now, while more of our products come free of any harmful effects to humans or even pets, there are certainly some health hazards related to the use of pesticides in your home. The fumes of the agents can especially be harmful for children and aged persons in the family. That’s why to ensure safety of your family, our professional trained fumigation experts provide you with a detailed safety briefing before delivering the services and will seal the home for at least 18 hours.

Why should I trust Elite Services for my home cleaning?

At Elite Services we are proud of our highly vetted and thoroughly professional home cleaning experts. Each and every residential and commercial cleaning expert at Elite Services comes with a background check and extensively trained to ensure safety, discretion and protection of your property and personal space.

What are the steps required at my end before your cleaning agents arrive?

You don’t need to take any specific steps, however, as a measure to ensure fast and efficient cleaning process we recommend our clients to remove any unwanted material from rooms where fumigation will be performed. Especially for kitchen, we recommend removing all plates, bottles and other edible or culinary things as well as moving of over to ensure complete as safe fumigation.

You can also choose our Pre-fumigation services to better prepare for the fumigation work. Our pre-fumigation services are meant to help you prepare your home the right way for fumigation services to take maximum effect.

Would I have to provide your cleaners with cleaning agents and supplies?

No. Our cleaners come fully equipped with all necessary equipment and cleaning agents required. We use imported cleaning agents to maintain best cleaning standards for homes and offices.

Do you offer on-site carpet cleaning services?

Yes. We use the latest techniques for carpet cleaning services like dry extraction to offer on-site cleaning services.

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