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What Elite Services Does

Are you looking for quick and hassle-free mosquito fumigation services in Karachi?

Are you afraid of nasty unhygienic mosquito spray smell?

Are you looking for mosquito control services that can perform the inspection and control services without interrupting your daily routine?

Elite services offer reliable, fast, safe and hassle-free mosquito fumigation service in Karachi, designed specifically keeping your home and office convenience at the forefront.

Mosquitoes are not just nasty but the source of many diseases including Malaria, Dengue and others. What makes them even more pain for people; is the pace of reproduction. Without integrated Mosquito Control services, it can be hard to get rid of these insects.

An Integrated Approach for all Round Kill!

We bring an integrated mosquito control services in Karachi that takes into account mosquito elimination as well as reproducing source denial. Since mosquitoes reproduce in the water our source identification and elimination program are meant to target potential mosquito breeding water sources around your home and offices. It’s a long term strategic and a more effective approach to deal with mosquito fumigation services.

Get your home and offices Inspected by Professionals

At Elite Services, our mosquito fumigation services are all about your convenience and utter satisfaction. Once you have made a booking for fumigation service at your desired day and time, our technicians will undertake a detailed property inspection (home and offices) to identify types and sources of mosquitoes. Once we have an initial survey report, our fumigation experts will chalk out a customized mosquito fumigation plan, while also giving their recommendation and assistance. Some of our services for mosquito source reduction and treatment include:

  • Source Reduction

Our source reduction recommendation with detail:

  • Source of Origin: We will sketch out your property and identify potential spots for mosquito’s development
  • Protecting your home from Mosquitoes: We will recommend actions to help you keep mosquitoes away from your home or offices
  • Eliminate the hiding spots: We will trace out the hiding spots for mosquitoes in and around your property and recommend steps to deny them hiding place in those spots.
  • Mosquito Treatments

Our services for Mosquito control include:

  • Vegetation Treatments: We will spray mosquito repellent insecticide at identified spots to deny any hiding or breeding spot to adult mosquitoes
  • Water Treatment: Since mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, we will apply growth regulators for water bodies to deny mosquito development at the first place
  • Preventing Eggs Hatching: We use microbial insecticide products that ensure high mortality of mosquitoes in water environments.

Note: It may take as long as 5 days before our insecticide take full effect. Thereby, we highly recommend our clients to ensure to not clean home or office after fumigation services for up to 5 days.

Mosquito Fumigation Services designed to your convenience

At Elite Services, we are fully committed to redefine the fumigation services in Karachi at international standards. Our services are Canadian certified and toxic-free, while our experienced technicians know how to conduct fumigation services at home and commercial properties without causing disruption to daily routine.

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