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While cockroaches might be the toughest creatures, our roach control services are even better. We guarantee complete elimination of cockroaches from your homes and offices; without using any harmful toxic agents. We are so sure of our services that we guarantee giving proof of our surgical strikes and not just false claims.

With elite services at your services, you can now be sure of getting rid of these pesky creatures for a prolonged time. With 100% customer satisfaction score, we are the best cockroach fumigation service in Karachi.

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A Refined Approach to Cockroach Fumigation in Karachi!

Cockroaches are one of the hardest living organisms that can infest almost any property. These tough creatures are most active during the late dark hours (when you sleep). With an incredible reproduction rate, these can infest your homes and offices provided you don’t take the necessary mitigation measures.

We are a Canadian based fumigation service company that have been offering clients the most reliable, hassle-free and affordable cockroach control services in Karachi. When you reach out to our customer service representatives for booking, one of our technicians will visit your property for an in-depth and extensive premises inspection.

We have some of the most experienced and skilled fumigation technicians who are rigorously trained to trace every nook and corner of your property with signs of cockroach activity, identify the type of roach infestation and recommend a treatment plan.

Depending upon the initial report including factors; cockroach species, property type (residential, commercial, food joint etc.), infestation severity and the environment we will chalk out a detailed plan to completely eliminate infestation from the property.

After the first fumigation service, we may schedule the second service depending upon the severity of infestation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why there is a cockroach infestation at my home?

While cockroaches can infest almost all sort of properties and survive under all environments, the most common reason for roach infestation remain unsanitary environments that act as cockroach magnets. Cockroaches love to roam around dirty places like overflowing dustbins and spilled foods. Moreover, leftover food, leaky pipes, damp flooring, stagnant waters are some of the other reasons that may trigger cockroach infestation at your home.

Q: I keep my home as clean as possible, why I am still having cockroach infestation?

To put it simply, cockroaches are a pro hitchhiker that can sneak into your home from various sources like bags, briefcases or even plant pots. One common reason can be fumigation service at your neighborhood that might have pushed the cockroach to lookout for other safe heavens and ended up at your place.

Q: Do cockroach bite?

While there are serious health concerns due to bacteria and viruses transmitted through cockroach, these creatures seldom bite. There are only a few specific species that are known to bite humans. Nonetheless, these are a potential health hazard and can jeopardize your health.

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