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When is the last time you got your car washed?

Your car shouldn’t pay the price for your negligence!

Karachities are out of time every time and it’s quite understandable. Living in the largest and the economic hub doesn’t come cheap as you need to fight your way to make a living. And in between our hectic work routine we don’t have the time required to get our car washed, right?

Well, how about a service that’s ready to deliver car cleaning at home?

Elite Services bring for the first time in Pakistan the safest and most convenient way of keeping your car clean and ready to mingle around the city. We are one of the first car cleaning company in Karachi offering car cleaning services and car detailing Karachi at homes. We have the resources, expertise, and passion to bring in the real value for your vehicle.
With our car wash at doorstep in Karachi, you now don’t have to worry about making time and waiting in long frustrating ques in car wash stations, which aren’t even trained professional to wash your car.

Don’t Harm your Precious Cars with Below Par Car Washing when you can get car wash at doorstep in Karachi!

Do you know that most of the car washing stations in Karachi used (hard water) for cleaning purposes? And while that might not sound alarmed at first, over the period of time hard water can seriously affect your car body leaving it exposed to rust. This is one of the main reasons why you see the majority of vehicles in Karachi getting rusty after a few years in service.

Well, that’s just one more reason why our car wash at home Karachi is your best bet to care for your car.

A Company that’s committed to your Convenience and Value!

At Elite Services, we bring about a unique passion and dedication to deliver convenient services to car owners in Karachi. Being an international model, we bring about the latest technology along with the most experienced and highly trained workforce to ensure the highest standard car wash in Karachi.

When you hire our services, rest assured that you have partnered with a company that won’t leave any stone unturned to deliver you absolute satisfaction for your car.

Why Us:

– Convenience

Elite services is all about bringing convenience and simplistic solutions to customers in Karachi. We are just a call away from you and offer round the clock car cleaning services (weekend included), so you stay convenient at all times.

– Affordable

Elite Services offered affordable and highly competitive pricing for its cleaning and car detailing Karachi. Now, you don’t have to rely on sub-standard car cleaning stations, while you can have a guaranteed car wash in Karachi at your home in the same price range.

– Guaranteed Services

At Elite Services, we guarantee the highest standard for all our services. With the latest technology, highly trained staff and a commitment to deliver, you can trust our car cleaning services to leave your car clean for a happy you!

– Eco-Friendly

We are a complete environmental friendly business model and offer all services in line with environmental safety rules. We use eco-friendly products for a car wash at home Karachi with highly trained staff to ensure maximum environmental protection.

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