Roof Heat Proofing

roof heat proofing

We can’t control the Weather but we do control the Heat!

The climate change has taken a big toll for people of Karachi, as the city has been experiencing back to back heat waves over the past few years. The trend is set to continue for foreseeable future as we the country battle out its way against climate change.

Well, we can’t do anything to make the climate bearable for you, however, what we can do is to help you control the heat. Elite Services bring the cutting-edge heat proofing technology to our clients in Pakistan with 100% guarantee of helping you bear the intense heat of summers in Karachi. Our roof heat proofing solutions are aimed to lower the heat absorption by the roofs, thus giving you a moderate and cool home and office interior to breathe around.

Efficient. Sustainable. Affordable Roof Cooling Solutions

Elite Services is offering the highest quality and international standard roof heat proofing solutions for all sorts of surfaces. Our 100% imported roof cooling material is suited for installation at homes, offices, schools and all other properties.

With excellent resistance to UV rays and durability, you can bet on our roof cooling material to last for years. Our high-quality material ensures complete insulation of roofs by trapping UV rays creating a significant temperature difference between the outside and inside of the property.

A Necessity you can’t Ignore!

With decades of international experience in roof heat proofing solutions, we bring in the best and most reliable technology that has been admired by hundreds of home and office owners in Karachi.

We feel passionate about our roof heat proofing solutions and see it more than mere service. With temperatures set to sore high in coming summers, high electricity costs and long load shedding schedule, our roof cooling solutions meant the difference of life and death to millions of Karachiites.

Benefits of Roof Heat Proofing

  • Keep your home and offices significantly cooler than outside temperatures
  • Increased your AC efficiency
  • Cool fan air
  • Save on electricity bills
  • Save you from falling victim to heat waves
  • Decrease suffocation inside homes and offices

Features of our Roof Cooling Solutions

  • Highest quality standards
  • Maximum heat resistance
  • Extreme heat endurance
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Fine aesthetics

Here’s your chance to save your family and employees from extreme heat waves.

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