Post Construction Cleaning

Welcome to your new House!

Reconstruction of homes leaves a big mess for homeowners. Unfortunately, the low-skilled labor and unprofessional attitude of construction contractor leave newly constructed home utterly messy in terms of cleaning. In fact, even the smallest fixture at your home can unleash a massive amount of dirt and dirt all around your home; leaving a large chunk of debris which needed to be removed at priority.

Elite services for first time in Pakistan offers a professional post construction cleaning service for homes and commercial buildings in Karachi. Our professionally trained and skilled staff are equipped with the resources and expertise required to swipe-away the mess and grime from construction work; leaving your home clean and refreshed.

Our professional cleaners will leave the construction area in a spotless condition and ready for homeowners or prospective buyers.

Our Post Construction Cleaning Services include:

All Areas

  • Washing ground-level
  • Washing windows interiors
  • Label removing
  • Sweeping of dust and dirt from all surfaces
  • Vacuum and mopping of all floors
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Dusting of fans and vents


  • Removal of construction debris
  • Dusting of cabinets interior and exterior
  • Dusting and cleaning of kitchen drawers
  • Cleaning and polishing of fixtures
  • Cleaning and polishing of kitchen faucets
  • Vacuum cabinet tops


  • Removal of construction debris
  • Tub cleaning
  • Tile cleaning
  • Wash mirrors
  • Cabinet and drawers cleaning

Bedrooms and Living Areas

  • Removal of debris
  • Floors and Surface washing
  • Baseboard cleaning
  • Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming of floor

We Add Value to your newly constructed home!

At Elite Services, we are passionate about offering home and commercial property owners in Karachi a value-added cleaning service that’s meant to give them a better living place and adds value to their lifestyle. We are an international business with decades of experience in delivering the highest standard post construction cleaning services for homes and commercial property.

Contact our customer support representative and get ready to experience a fast, reliable and hassle-free post construction cleaning service that you have never experienced before!

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