Flea and Tick

flea and ticks control

Flea and tick spray for homes!

Are you frustrated with fleas and ticks wreaking havoc on your loving pets?

Are you looking for a quick, safe and permanent solution for fleas and ticks?

How about partnering with a company that comes with an international reputation and decades of experience in fumigation services?

Don’t leave your pets vulnerable to Flea and Ticks!

With Elite Services at your help, you don’t have to leave your cattle and other pets at mercy of these pesky critters. Our Flea and tick spray for the home solution include covers complete elimination of all pesky critters from your home and yard. Our expert technicians will conduct a complete survey of your home, eliminating any existing pest and flea infestation, while also undertaking steps to prevent future problems.

Pest Proof your home and Pets Today!

Uncompromising Quality. Unmatched Professionalism

At Elite Services we take pride in delivering the highest standard services at the most competitive pricing. Our services are utterly discreet and hassle-free, which means our expert technicians will conduct all necessary flea and pest elimination services without interrupting your daily services. Most of all, once we have done the job, you’ll be able to see immediate results.

Fly Spray for Cattle

Ticks and Fleas infestations for cattle and livestock is the single most devastating disease in Pakistan; that amounts to millions of rupees in annual production and prevention cost. Fleas and Ticks Infested to cattle and other livestock can cause anemia and fever for cattle as well as damage hide.

Elite Services bring the most potent and effective Fly spray for cattle and livestock that come with 100% Guarantee of getting rid of ticks and fleas once in for all.

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Customer Preparation for Flea and Tick Service:

Here are a few preparatory considerations that will help our technicians to deliver effective flea and tick spray for home without interrupting your daily routine:

  • Swipe away all loose items like toys, papers, magazines and other articles from the floor. Look out for loose articles under the closet, beds, and furniture as well.
  • On the treatment day, vacuum clean carpet, cushions, furniture and rugs. Pay extra attention while vacuuming floor and tiles to look out for cracks and grooves.
  • Clean up the areas (vacuum) frequented by pets including floor junctures.
  • Throw away the sealed vacuum bag in a covered receptacle.
  • Dispose-off or wash away pets bedding
  • Properly seal aquariums and turn-off any air pumps
  • Make sure pets aren’t around the home until the treatment dries
  • The treatment might take as much as two weeks for full potential, thereby, you might see some ticks or fleas for that period
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